Chrisolas: Connected by computer screens. Chapter one
gerard way
"ProPenguin27", He said aloud thinking how absolutely ridiculous it was that he may be crushing on.. a penguin?

He had joined Club Penguin about 2 months ago getting the full year membership. As he went to the Coffee shop he saw a penguin who obviously didn't have a membership, he was naked. "Hello :)", he typed trying to see if maybe he was afk.


"Nothing much you?", That sounded so cheesy! What was he doing? It's just a game calm down.

"nothin wanna see my igloo?"

What was that suppose to mean?? Igloo? Oh they were penguins, he forgot. Igloo must have meant his house. Something about this penguin intrigued him. But he couldn't quite put his finger on it yet. "sure", he typed, hands trembling.
The purple penguin disappeared. What was he suppose to do? How was he going to get to his igloo? He went to the map and scrolled through all the player names and stopped when he saw "ProPenguin27". Bingo. He clicked on it and his mind started to wander. The loading screen must have taken an hour. What if he wasn't there? Would he stay? The loading bar was almost completely full and done. He was standing right by the front door. His house was very big and he must have had about a billion coins.  "Hi!"
No answer. He waddled over to the penguin and sat down. "Whats up? cool igloo." Still no reply. He wondered if maybe he was afk or in a different tab.

"asl" ProPenguin finally typed.

What was this, Omegle? He was having a debate in his mind whether or not to tell the truth. He decided, whats the worse that could happen? I mean it's just club penguin! "17 Male Cali"

"13 Male Cali"

"Oh cool, where in cali do you live?" Did he sound like a pedophile? He should have lied about his age. What would a 17 year old be doing on club penguin? He didn't even know why he joined in the first place.

"Dinner!!" He heard his mother call from downstairs.

He quickly typed, " I gtg eat dinner brb" No response. He shut his computer down and ran down the steps to sit and eat dinner. His brother Nicholas was sitting in his seat already. "Hey what's for dinner?" 

"I don't know, Chris." 

It was chicken and mashed potatoes. He ate his food as quickly as possible and rushed upstairs and switched his computer on. "Connection time out" He saw on the window with club penguin on it. No no no no. He refreshed the page and went to see ProPenguin27 again. He wasn't online. No, this couldn't be. He needed to see this penguin again. He hadn't even added him as a friend. Chris grabbed a notcard and scribbled "ProPenguin27" on it and decided just to skype the one of his sexiest friends in the world, Natasha.


Chapter 2 will be up soon :)


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